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We buy Bedroom Sets, Dining Tables, Leather Sofa Sets, Fabric Sofa Sets, Cupboards, Baby Beds, Rugs, Carpets, Complete Used Furniture Of Villas/apartments, and Hotel Used Furniture etc.

Used Furniture Buyer​
Used Office Furniture Buyer​

Used Office Furniture Buyer

We buy Office Storage and filing, Reception Desk, Conference Table, Office Chair, Office Accessories, Execute Desk, Height Adjustable Table, and Office Furniture Set.

Used Home Appliances Buyer

We buy Used Refrigerator, Used Washing Machine, Used Gas & Electric Cookers, Used Ovens, Used Water Dispenser, Used LCD & Led & 3D TV, and Used Laptops etc.

Used Home Appliances Buyer ​


There are many buyers in Dubai who are not registered with the government and can cheat with you later, but our company is registered with the government here and gives you a registered service of a company.



There are so many shopping companies and buyers in Dubai who can not get you at your own time and can not shop for you at the same time, but that is our company every time you want it to serve you Whenever you want to sell your goods, you can contact us, we will meet you and buy your item at the same time.


When you live in a very large country like UAE and now want to sell your goods, your buyer is not in your own city but our service is in all UAE cities, and we are in the city. By coming and authorized to purchase you are in our services all cities



Many people in Dubai move to transport goods from one place to another, but they offer their services in different cities and do not serve their services in different cities and take a lot of money when our service is a city. Other cities can transfer their goods at a very low cost and very easily, can contact us to take our service.



Often companies in Dubai and most buyers buy when they purchase something from the goods then they buy them in the form of a check-in or in the form of expression, whereas our company purchased you in the form of a cash-cash cash And you pay the same time


Our company’s first priority is to satisfy you and satisfying you are our most important effort and responsibility. We first try to satisfy you better by purchasing your goods at a better rate and you can give money on your own so that you can easily buy new goods through money


Sheir Khan Furniture gives you all kinds of furniture easily. We also sale of the purchased used furniture. Our purchased used furniture is in a very clear way, and the cost of used furniture is less than the market because they use The furniture works as well as electronics items that are used Our first priority is to provide you with the highest quality and affordable things that someone else is not doing and all of our services are available in all UAE cities, and we continue to go shopping from every city. Used Furniture Buyers all UAE. Best Sheir Khan Used Furniture Buyer in UAE. We are Providing Moving and Shifting Services.  Facebook Page

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